Tuesday, 21 February 2017


God has always been in the business of miracles not just in Biblical times but here and now 

For years I never believed in God let alone miracles, it wasn’t until 1983 I witnessed my first when my husband Raymond was knocked over by a car.  On arrival the ambulance men thought Raymond was dead and a blanket was put over him, shortly afterwards somehow another ambulance driver realised he was still alive but only just.

Consultants at the hospital never expected Raymond to survive as his injuries were horrific, the worst that they had seen in years but to their amazement Raymond proved everyone wrong.

His journey to recovery was a long one as his injuries were multiple including brain damage.  For me that was the least of my worries, the most important thing was that he was alive and still here with us. I knew in my heart that it was God and his archangels who intervened and saved Raymond for me.  I strongly believe that your life is planned out for you and if God had wanted to take Raymond to be with him, he could have quite easily of done it there and then.

Sometimes things do happen in our lives of which are way beyond our understanding but somehow I knew there was a purpose as to why Raymond had been spared though I didn’t fully understand the reason why until God revealed everything to me some years later.

There is no doubt in my mind that God does exist and that he can and does perform miracles, I believe it can happen to anyone at any time he chooses whether we believe in him or not.

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