Thursday, 2 March 2017

A proud Geordie lass

I really am proud of my roots and where I come from. I’m a true Geordie lass as I was born in the heart of Newcastle, I love living in the North East of England and personally wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Apart from everyone being so friendly here I think we have the best coastlines ever as well as the best countryside and also the most spectacular places to see and visit.

I love going to Newcastle as I am an outdoor person and love being in the openness and fresh air. I get a great buzz being amongst so many people and love to hear others enjoying themselves. I sometimes can’t help and have a bit chuckle to myself when I hear some of the conversations and when I do hear people laugh and carry on it makes me feel happy to and pleased to be alive and part of it. 

I also love the many different smells and like listening to the buskers and actors on the streets, for me I think it does bring something extra special to the city even if they sound good or bad it doesn’t really matter. Although I still enjoy shopping in Newcastle it is now so different from the place it used to be and the one that I knew. 
There have been lots of changes over the years as many buildings have disappeared, bus stations and picture houses have gone as well as many of the old big brand stores such as C&A, Littlewoods, BHS, Woolworths, Binns and many others which is so sad. I never thought for one minute that it would happen in my lifetime as I grew up with them all and somehow you think they are going to be around forever. There are still many great buildings and places to see in the city of Newcastle as we have a lot of history here. Apart from our famous St James football ground there are beautiful churches, museums, theatres, music venues, our historic one 182 year old indoor Grainger market as well as our beautiful hotels, bridges and our famous quayside.

People are not just travelling from around the country to come and celebrate their hen dos, stag nights and other events here, but Newcastle and especially the quayside have now become so popular and well known that people are now travelling from all over the world to come and celebrate their special events here together with their families and friends. But of course the biggest event which is held here each year is the great north run which has certainly put Newcastle on the map.

It is the most spectacular event of all to be held here in Newcastle where thousands and thousands of people gather from all over the globe and from all walks of life to help raise funds for many charities and worthy causes. I’ve never been brave enough to take part myself which I do feel very guilty about but who knows, one day I might just surprise myself and everybody else and do it. So now you know why I’m proud of where I’m from. 

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